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Submitted on
April 29, 2013
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Hero turned villain
Devil turned angel
Hatred of humanity; is it such a distorted angle?

We say we do not need to be ruled
possessing our own set of principals; guided by our own rules
but too many tragedies have ensued, because of these spiteful truths.

Death by destruction; our bodies the trigger
when dazed by drugs, only a violent end is nigh
never the same, no matter how hard we try.

A post-apocalyptic world lie in its wake

In the aftermath of murder you are faced with a choice
Depression or rage, it is all a decision
such a shame that you’ve decided our fate; and now you’ve made this city a prison.

The Insurgence is rising, promising new hope
though quiet as a Bat, it watches with a silent scope
so will you join the resistance, even with such a miniscule power?

Humanness is not the absence of will
It simply the ability to blend in with the crowd, if you’d only be still and listen.

Fractured glass pierces shattered hearts
as buildings are smashed and fractured without fail
but is it good or evil that, in the end, will prevail?

This is Injustice; blurring the lines of good and evil, until nothing but chaos remains.
Well (if you couldn't tell xD) this is a tribute to the new videogame "Injustice: Gods among us," but it sort of formed a life of its own. ^^' Sort of a pastime until I get ideas for a fanfic for this down, so stayed tuned for that if you're interested! >//<

Well, I hope you enjoyed the piece! Lots more writing to come, possibly some more tributes to my favorite things?
MuffiaSmith May 1, 2013  Professional General Artist
Very nice wordplay :clap:
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